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Another Peek

Another look at what I currently have going on.

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Sneak Peek

A peek at what I’m currently working on.


Hum, what can that be?

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Back in the Studio


It’s been several months since I’ve spent any time turning in the studio. Well, the hiatus is over. My first task was to complete a sculpture I started back in January. This was turned from a White Ash board. I turned it, carved it, then put it back on the lathe to turn the off center hole.


The starburst pattern was created by cutting grooves in the front surface, then I dyed some white ash sawdust with a fabric dye. After the sawdust dried, I packed it into the grooves and used CA glue to hold it in. The orange dye was called Goldfish Orange.   Unfortunately, the CA glue made it darker. The color was more vibrant before the glue.

IMG_1513_MI like the grain pattern on this piece. It reminds me of a topography map.








IMG_1503_M IMG_1504_M










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A New Sculpture

This is one I have been working on for awhile. I had to experiment several times with the large metal ring. Its to large to mount in my chuck so I had to cast it with some tabs that allowed me to securely screw it into the mold while I turned the backside. Once that was turned I glued it to the sculpture and turned the front side.

The surface of the maple was burnt with a torch to get the extremely dark brown look. Then Danish Oil was applied. The piece measures approximately 15H x 9W x 1.5D.


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And Another Sculpture

Maybe I should call the sculpture #3?

This was also turned from a 8/4 hard maple board just like the last one. I shaped the top differently so it stands a little taller than the last one. A shallow vessel is turned in the center and painted with an iridescent silver that radiates nicely when the light hits it. I wood burnt the tick marks on the face and airbrushed with mixtures of greens and purples. The dimensions are approximately 16.75H x 9W x 1.75D.

IMG_1403_M IMG_1399_M IMG_1400_M

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Another Sculpture

Here is another in my new line of sculptures. I’m not sure what to call this design, I’ll have to come up with something.


This was turned from a 8/4 hard maple board. The grain has some really nice patterns. The knot in the lower right side had some major cracks that I filled with a Tin/Lead mix. The center portion is airbrushed and the dark lines are wood burnt. The dimensions are approximately 15.5H x 9W x 1.75D.

IMG_1393_M IMG_1396_M

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New Turning

I have been working on a new design inspired by the Arrowmont Sculpture I completed a couple months back. I wanted to take the basic concept of a freestanding piece with gentle curves but have at least part of it turned on the lathe.

Starting with a Mahogany board about 1.25 inches thick and six inches wide this is what I came up with:


The entire peice was turned similar to a platter giving it the sweeping curves. The hole is offset from the center which allowed me to create the partial rings around it. The rays emanating from the rings were done with the wood burner.


I finished it off with several coats of Natural Danish Oil which nicely brings out the color of the mahogany. The entire piece ended up being approximately 11H x 6W x 1D.

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Arrowmont Scuplture

I finally completed the work on the sculpture that I started at Arrowmont, patterned after Christophe Nancey’s “Imprints” creations. This piece was not turned on the lathe but was carved out of a block of hard maple with an Arbortech Woodcarver blade and Mini-carver. I used a rotarychisel blade to carve the lines on the surface. A torch was used to burn the entire surface black. Linseed oil coats the entire piece then white and red oil paints were added.

The sculpture stands 17.75 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide.

IMG_1355_M IMG_1362_M

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Autumn Leaves

Anyone who knows me also knows how much I dread the cold weather that comes with winter. One of the downsides of this is that fall means winter is coming, so I’ve started treating the fall season with the same disdain.
To help me get by this I thought that doing a fall piece might bring a brighter perspective to the autumn season. So with this approach I created Autumn Leaves.
I started with an aspen board and turned a shallow square bowl. The background color and leaves are airbrushed while the branches and leaf veins are burnt. Because I wanted the bowl to be displayed upright, I create the base out of Brazilian Cherry.
Only time will tell if I start to look more favorably at this season’s cooler days.

Autumn Leaves

 Autumn Leaves

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