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DAW Holiday Meeting

This months Detroit Area Woodturners meeting challenge was to bring in a turning that represents the holiday season. So I turned a happy snowman box.

For the holiday gift exchange I turned and embellished a walnut vase. Its approximately 5.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.


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DAW May-June Newsletter

The combination May and June DAW newsletter is out. This issue covers the regular May meeting and the June Turn-A-Thon.


Shavings May & June 2014

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DAW May Meeting

At todays meeting Chuck did a demonstration on off-center turning methods for pendants.

The first method was using a four jaw chuck.

The second was using a home made jig.

The third was using a Richard Joyner Off-Center jig.

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DAW April Meeting

At todays meeting Matt Harber demonstrated his process for making finials.

He also showed the string steady rest made from plywood and waxed string.

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DAW March Meeting

Today was the March DAW meeting. We had several things going on today.

Ray did a presentation on how to apply the Ray’s 3-2-1 finish that the club store is now selling. Its called 3-2-1 because its made of 3 parts Shellac, 2 parts Alcohol, 1 Boiled linseed oil.

Roger La Rose did a demo on creating a bowl from a flat board.

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DAW December Meeting

Today was the annual DAW Holiday Party Meeting.

The four category winners in the Annual Turning Contest are Alfred, Phil, Myself and Jerry.

Alfred won overall with his beautiful piece (on the right) called Heart of Gold.

And more entries….

Chucks offset turning has a bottle opener on one side and a coffee scoop on the other. Its useful in the evening when you’re drinking beer and in the morning when coffee needs to be made.

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DAW November Newsletter

The November edition of the DAW newsletter is out. This edition is noteworthy for me because its the first one after I have taken over the newsletter editor role.

It can be accessed via the link below:


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DAW November Meeting

At todays meeting Alfred Schembri demonstrated turning bird house ornaments.

This months Presidents Challenge was lidded boxes. This was my entry:

Lidded Box with Pewter Top

Along with all the others:

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DAW October Meeting

Today Jim Scarsella demonstrated turning lidded boxes.


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DAW September Meeting

Today Paul Newburger demonstrated turning a train whistle lisinopril online. The club challenged everyone to make a whistle and bring it to next months meeting.

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