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The Detroit Area Woodturners biennial gallery show was held November 10th thru December 7th. This year’s location was the Pontiac Creative Art Center which is where we have our club meetings. Twenty-seven club members entered three turnings each with a total of eight categories being judged. My turning called “Ripples” won the Best of Show award. It was sold before the end of the opening reception.

Ripples is a wall hanging measuring 27 x 18. It took two years for me to complete.

My other two entries in the show were:

Stanley, which also sold during the show.

And Vortex.

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DAW Holiday Challenge

Today the Detroit Area Woodturners had their annual holiday party during our December meeting. The club Holiday Challenge was part of this. At the last meeting members were given two pieces of wood to make something with. Bring in what you made to the December meeting and get a gift certificate. This is always a fun activity because most members come up with interesting and different items instead of the standard turned bowl or vase.

I was given a piece of Maple and what looked like a piece of Koa. The maple block had a rather large tear out that would limit what I could do with it. After some thought I decided to turn a block of cheese out of the maple and some mice from the Koa.
The hardest part turned out to be the mouse ears. I tried using several different types of material and couldn’t get them to look right. I eventually picked up a small piece of leather from the craft store to use.
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DAW September Newsletter

The September edition of the DAW newsletter ‘Shavings’ is out. This was the first meeting we held in our new location at the Pontiac Creative Art Center.

Unfortunately I was not at this meeting. I’m planning at being there in October.

The newsletter can be accessed via the link below:


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DAW May Meeting

At todays meeting Chuck did a demonstration on off-center turning methods for pendants.

The first method was using a four jaw chuck.

The second was using a home made jig.

The third was using a Richard Joyner Off-Center jig.

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DAW April Newsletter

The April edition of the DAW newsletter ‘Shavings’ is out.

It can be accessed via the link below:



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Hands-on Lab with Al Stirt

Today myself and seven other woodturners got to spend the day learning from Al Stirt. We started out by turning one of the round platters that we watched Al turn at yesterdays demonstration. Al started out the session by demonstrating how he mounts the wood to the lathe and turns the backside of the platter then decorates it with either beads or coves. Then each of us performed the same task on the mini lathes at the shop.


Then Al demonstrated how to reverse the piece and turn the front side of the platter. We then performed the same tasks.


After painting the front side with black gesso, Al used a water based marker to layout a design on the gesso. Using a Ryobi carving tool he followed the lines to cut through the painted areas.


After lunch we moved on to turning square platters. This followed the same process of Al demonstrating the technique with us executing the same. With this design we used milk paint and different carving tools to embellish the platter fronts.



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Al Stirt Demonstration Day

Today the DAW hosted Al Stirt for an all day demonstration. Al’s main turning focus has been on bowls and platters.


Today Al started out by talking about how to balancing the grain. This is a process makes the grain in the bottom of a bowl look symmetrical.

Al_Stirt_3 Al_Stirt_2

Al also showed his process for turning both round and square platters. And several ways to add color and texture to them.

Al_Stirt_4Tomorrow I will be attending a hands-on class with Al so I can put some of these techniques to practice.



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DAW March Newsletter

The March edition of the DAW newsletter ‘Shavings’ is out. This month we have our first ever Steampunk turning. Roger created a very unique piece that is worth checking out.

It can be accessed via the link below:



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DAW February Newsletter

The February edition of the DAW newsletter ‘Shavings’ is out.

It can be accessed via the link below:



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DAW February Meeting

At this months DAW meeting Jerry Bufalini did a demonstration on off-center turning. Jerry did a great job and was very entertaining.

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