Platter Update

The plan today was simple, finish cleaning up the platter and apply the first coat cheap nba jerseys of Danish Oil. Of course not Platter everything goes as planned.

IMG_0187_MAs I pointed out in a previous post, the large platter has a wholesale mlb jerseys lot of worm holes/tunnels throughout it. 台所でショーツの中に手をいれて指ズボしてる主婦の後ろ姿がエロいオナニー動画 Some of these holes are clear but many still have left over wood shavings clogging them cheap nba jerseys from whatever bug burrowed its way around the tree. 05 (I’m not sure if this would be called “punky wood”. I always considered punky to be wood that is soft because Tutzing it’s decaying, not because it was ground up by an insect. So I will call them shavings for now.)

IMG_0192_MAnyway, I don’t want the shavings to become loose and come out of the platter over time. So I need to do something about this. I have two options: add a wood stabilizer such as CA glue to each shavings area or remove the shavings. The CA option is nice because squirting each area with glue and hitting it with accelerator is very quick. The down side is that each area with glue will not absorb the Danish Oil, and the glue tends to leave a shiny spot. Another concerned is that the glue will leach into the surrounding wood and leave a larger spot than expect in each area. The second option is less error prone but much more time consuming, clean out all the shavings leaving only good hardwood.

In the long run removing all the shaving is the best way to go. It will look better having more clean holes throughout the piece and we will not have inconsistencies with the oil finish.

IMG_0189_MCompressed air is good at removing all the shavings that are loose. But most of them are packed in the tunnels so I’m going to have to dig them out. A quick stop at the Rite-Aid dental care section and I picked up some metal picks and a cool little brush thingy to help scrub out the tunnels. The picks are good at digging into the tunnels and breaking up the shavings and then a blast of air removes the rest. I guess I didn’t really give this platter a close enough inspection before I started because the more I work on it the more shavings I’m finding. Did I say the CA option would have been fast? Well too late for that now. I put about six hours into this today and I’m only about two thirds of the way done.

DCIM100GOPROI found this little guy’s dead body still in one of the tunnels. I think I’ll call him Carl. turned Thanks for your help Carl but your services are no longer needed.


Digging out more holes.


I wear the air filter so I don’t breathe in any of the shavings when using compressed air. The ear protectors are because the compressor is just across the room.


So far it’s looking good. When this platter is complete I will have to put a light under it and see what shines through all these holes.

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