Eyes Drawing Project

The last assignments in the drawing class I’m enrolled in was much more open than the previous ones. We were allowed to start with an image/subject of our choice, required to use at least 3 mediums and use an alternative drawing surface. Of course, I selected wood to draw on. I turned a platter out of cherry and sanded it only to 220 grit so the mediums would have a surface to hold onto. For the mediums I chose to use charcoal, conte, graphite, india ink and a small amount of acrylic paint.
The subject of the drawing was going to be a set of eyes. I selected an image of a woman wearing a hijab which allowed me to focus on the eyes without having to deal with other facial features. The charcoal and conte held onto the wood surface much better than I expected. To replicate the fabric the wood surface was stippled with a wood burner then covered with india ink and a small amount of gray acrylic paint to highlight some light reflection.
Overall, I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

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