Blind Collaboration Bird Project

This isn’t a Dodo bird, its more like a Dumb-dumb bird. These are the odd results from a blind collaboration project I was part of. Seven of us were each given a piece of wood and instructed to make a bird part. Of course with a slight mix up we ended up with four legs. Once we collected all the parts, a few dowels, nails and some glue was all it took to attach them all together.

And the end result….. Let’s just say it’s interesting/ More importantly it was a fun learning experience to see how individuals artists approach a project with minimal requirements. Hopefully we will do more of this in the future.

Thanks to:

Eric Blom, This was his idea and he provided the wood we started with. Erik also contributed the two back legs.

Mike Foydel, Front leg

Jeff Grill, Tail

Ken Kiernicki, Body

Roger Meeker, Both Wings

Alfred Schembri, the large middle leg supporting everything

Myself, Neck and Head

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